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Have you ever thought about visiting Moraira? There’s a lot to love about this Valencian community, from its stunning weather to the local attractions, stunning scenery, wonderful community, and the like. However, to get the most from your Moraira visit, it’s critical to consider what’s on offer in the region, where it’s located, and the like to help you find out more about this stunning coastal town and its opportunities for new residents of Spain. The total population of Moraira is generally in the region of around 10,000 people, making it a small and quaint town that’s ideal as a destination for those looking to move to Spain.


Comfortably located along the Spanish coastline, Moraira is a stunning town located around 80km above Alicante or 100km below Valencia and directly below Javea. The town is located on the Costa Blanca strip and is surrounded by vineyards and mountain regions, which gives it a unique charm and appeal that’s often adored by those looking to visit or move to the region. The Cumbre del Sol region is especially common in this regard, offering opportunities for villas and property for sale with some truly spectacular views and backdrops.


Once you’ve arrived in Spain, you’ll need to look at getting to Moraira – most commonly from the Alicante Airport. However, it’s not impossible to get to Moraira from the Valencia Airport, too, depending on which option is the most practical for your trip into Spain. Fortunately, regardless of which airport you’ve headed to, getting to Moraira is a pretty simple drive; it’s almost directly south from the Valencia airport, while the route from the Alicante Airport almost exclusively follows the coastline, so it’s hard to stray off course.


Once you’ve purchased your brand new property for sale in Moraira, you’ll want to plan your flights – and, for most people, traveling to and from the Alicante Airport is the most practical option. Getting to your new apartment or villa from the Alicante Airport is simple. There is actually a shuttle bus service from Alicante Airport to Moraira which runs every 45 minutes or so; alternatively, you could travel by road if you’ve got access to a car or a taxi. The trip from Alicante Airport to Moraira is very simple; sticking to the coastline, head towards Benidorm, before continuing to the Altea hills on the A-15 road. Head onto the N-332 and navigate towards Tuelada before following the CV-743, which should eventually lead to Moraira.


The Valenica Airport is a little further from Moraira, so if possible, traveling from the Alicante Airport may be more practical. Most people usually choose to take a Taxi or book specialist airport transport, which runs between the Valencia Airport and Moraira regularly. However, if you’d prefer not to rely on public transport, you can also drive from the Valencia Airport to Moraira yourself.

The route is very easy if you’re planning to drive from Valencia Airport to your new apartment or villa; navigate to the V-30 and then the V-31 before heading towards the AP-7 and the E-15. From there, the route remains pretty consistent and straight until you reach Senija, at which point you should turn off to Teulada before eventually making your way down to Moraira.


Moraira is one of the older regions on the Spanish coastline, and is well recognised for its diverse and unique history. As such, for any history enthusiast, moving to Moraira will undeniably offer countless opportunities.

Technically speaking, while the earliest records of Moraira do not appear until around the late 18th century (1700s) when Moraira was founded specifically as a small fishing village, it’s notable that this region has shown evidence of human activity for thousands of years. Several stunning archeological finds, all the way back to the Paleolithic era, have been found; furthermore, Iberian pots have also been discovered in the region, indicating that Moraira may have been settled in the Bronze Age as well.

Perhaps one of Moraira’s most notable features of the Moraira region is its stunning Castillo de Moraira, which was planned as part of efforts to protect Spain from invasion along the coastline during the 16th century; however, records actually indicate that the Castillo de Moraira was probably only finished around the mid eighteenth century. Then, at the start of the nineteenth century, the Castillo was badly damaged by British fleets, including its four bronze cannons. However, recent renovation efforts have brought the castle’s ruins back to a safe standard, allowing the castle to be used as a museum for residents of Moraira to enjoy.

It was once believed that the region of Moraira was named after a Spanish Princess, although there is no evidence suggesting this to be the truth; furthermore, while it was once claimed that her bones were buried underneath the castle, excavations have yielded no evidence of such a burial, lending some skepticism to this historical tale of Moraira.

While Moraira has traditionally been a historic fishing town, its recent history has transformed it into an international tourism focused economy. As such, while the town’s population is only around 10,000 people, things become much busier and more bustling in the summer months, due to tourism to the region. What’s more, recently, the town of Moraira has also welcomed countless expatriates, in particular retirees from countries such as Britain, Germany, France, and Holland.


When it comes to moving to Spain after finding your dream apartments or villas for sale, there’s no doubt that you can expect stunning weather – and the weather in Moraira is no different. Indeed, this breathtaking region is well-known for being highly sunny, with average numbers of sunny days annually falling at around 300.

The region also remains incredibly warm, and even over the winter months, the temperature rarely falls below six degrees Celsius, with January highs potentially even reaching 16 degrees Celsius. Moreover, in the Summer months, temperatures of 29 and 30 degrees Celsius are incredibly common. This makes the weather of Moraira very comfortable, overall – and is one of the key reasons people reach out to real estate agents in Moraira for further advice and support.


To make the most of Moraira, it’s naturally important to ensure you know about the excellent coastal opportunities attached to the region. Indeed, while the Cumbre del Sol is a major attraction for many people looking for new homes in the region, a property for sale near Moraira’s beaches is likely to also be in high demand. As such, this may be valuable to consider as part of your decision, overall.

The largest beach in Moraira is the L’Ampolla Beach, which is located directly next to the castle and is perhaps one of the most popular coastal destinations in the region. L’Ampolla Beach has countless options and opportunities, including watersports and a children’s playground. Furthermore, the beach is also well equipped with numerous parking opportunities, which may make it an excellent option to consider.

Another excellent beach in Moraira is the El Portet beach, which is highly praised for its sandy beaches, safe swimming opportunities, and countless local restaurants. Namely, the beach is also located just five minutes from the main Moraira town centre, and is awell equipped for visitors and residents alike.

Meanwhile, for a quieter experience, the Playa L’Andrago, Playa la Cala, and Platgetes Beaches are all popular choices. These stunning beaches feature a pebble coastline and shallow, crystal clear waters, which make them popular snorkelling, crab and sea fishing, and paddling destinations. Moreover, they’re often a lot quieter than the sandy beaches, which is well worth considering in the height of summer if you’ve been looking to make the most of the stunning coastline on your doorstep without the hubbub.

Montgo walking and cycle trail


If you’ve been looking to really get into the heart of culture in Moraira, be it before you begin looking at properties for sale or if you’ve already found your dream Moraira home, then a visit to the Friday market is crucial. The Friday Moraira market is hosted every week and offers numerous different opportunities and things to see for visitors, including fresh food and drink stands and everything you might need to make your house into a home. It’s often bustling and busy, which adds to the overall culture of the event, and is often an excellent opportunity if you’ve been looking for a way to find top-quality produce in the heart of the town.

Of course, there are plenty of other shopping opportunities in Moraira, aside from just the Friday Market. However, if you’re looking for top-quality, artisan, or fresh goods, it’s often the ideal place to start. Plus, even if you’re not necessarily looking for produce or to buy, it’s an experience that every resident of Moraira deserves to experience at least once – so, we highly recommend giving paying a visit to the market if you get some time.


Brasserie Vivaldi Moraira

For fine dining at its best, the Brasserie Vivaldi Moraira could be just the destination you need. Regularly achieving a full five out of five stars, and very rarely getting any less, residents in Moraira can count on the best possible experience. The masterful presentation really adds a certain level of charm,meanwhile the fact that the restaurant is open both for lunch and dinner certainly makes it a more practical option.

Club Nautico/Marina

Without a doubt, one of Moraira’s most bustling and renowned destinations has to be Club Nautico, one of many restaurants locally offering a truly wonderful menu of the finest recipes and meals. However, perhaps the most notable feature of Club Nautico has to be its incredible atmosphere. Directly overlooking the stunning coastline, this gorgeous restaurant serves up a wide variety of delicious Mediterranean dishes. And, while it’s often considered one of the more expensive restaurants in the region, it’s definitely one that’s worth considering.


If you’ve been looking around Moraira for a slightly more relaxed and laid-back approach to dining, then Artesano might be just the destination you deserve. This sophisticated and luxurious Moraira café serves up some of the most varied dishes, each of which is evidently made with love by the incredibly talented team. What’s more, the Artesano café also often takes inspiration from many other European cultures – so, if you’ve been missing the taste of home, this might be one to consider.

The Olive Tree Abrasador

For hearty and delicious dining, the Olive Tree Abrasador might be just the destination you deserve. The rich, simple cuisine is inspired by Mediterranean dining and several other, European inspirations, ensuring that there’s a little something for everyone. Meanwhile, the cozy and romantic themes and décor within the restaurant certainly add a little extra magic and charm.


There’s lots to love about moving to Moraira. But, before you make your move, it’s well worth considering whether you’ll be able to find opportunities for things to do that fit your passions. Whether you’re moving for a better quality of life or if you’ve just reached your retirement and have been looking for ways to fill the time and make the most of the time off, the following may be excellent options to consider.


Ever wanted to get involved with a bit of the action? If so, then go-karting might be just the option you deserve – and the AV Kart Center is undeniably one of the main attractions. In fact, it’s often considered the top choice for fun and games in Moraira, and there are opportunities for everyone, regardless of your age or expertise with go-karts.

The AV Kart Center has strong Formula One themes and is popular with visitors and residents. Plus, there’s always the opportunity to come back again and try to beat your personal best – and qualifiers from the main race even achieve a trophy at the end of the race.


A common option for families and retirees alike is golf – and, considering the stunning weather in Moraira of around 300 days of sunshine per year, there are countless opportunities for enjoying golf in the region. Indeed, with so many expatriats living in Moraira, it’s perhaps no surprise that numerous golf courses have popped up recently to cater for the growing market of golf enthusiasts in the region.

Club de Golf Javea

One of the most highly praised and regarded golf courses in Moraira has to be the Club de Golf Javea. This nine-hole golf course might not be the biggest, but it more than makes up for its small size thanks to the simply stunning scenery and affordable prices. With countless palm trees and Mediterranean tropical aesthetics, this golf course is highly regarded by many; plus, you’ll need to bring your A-game, since each hole certainly packs in a lot of challenge to overcome. Plus, the gentle slopes and expertly maintained grass make this course a much-loved destination for sure.

Club de Golf Ifach

Open all-year-round, the Club de Golf Ifach is another excellent choice if you’ve been looking for a good opportunity in and around Moraira. The Club de Golf Ifach is also a nine hold course, and while

it’s not quite as luxurious as the Club de Golf Javea, it’s also substantially cheaper – making it an excellent destination for a quick and easy day out in the sun. Notably, the Club de Golf Ifach was also opened in the 1970s and has gone from strength to strength during that time, and the work of Mr. Javier Arana, one of the world’s most elite course designers, has certainly given the club a little extra credibility overall.

La Sella Golf

It’s one of the most pricey golf courses in Moraira, but that’s not to say the La Sella Golf club isn’t an excellent destination (and more than worth every cent you’ll have to pay). Indeed, with a massive 27 holes on offer and some of the most luxurious and masterful landscaping, the course is enclosed by stunning Mediterranean woodland that helps give it a luxurious and sophisticated feel overall. However, it’s quite a challenging course, and so generally requires participants to use a full range of different clubs to get the most from the experience and achieve the best possible results.

Altea Club de Golf

The Altea Club de Golf is another potentially excellent choice if you’ve been looking to partake in a spot of golf. A comfortable middle ground between the previously mentioned clubs, the Altea club welcomes both members and guests, and is the oldest local golf club in the region for enthusiasts. As such, if you have been looking for a luxurious experience, surrounded by truly picturesque landscaping, the Altea Club de Golf might be ideal.


Want to get out in the summer sun in Moraira and enjoy the luxurious weather? Why not give tennis a try? Whether you’re already a pro tennis player looking for an opportunity to make the most of your skills, or if you’re looking to get started now that you’ve found your dream property for sale in Moraira, there’s a lot to love about a good game of tennis.

Los Pinos Javea Tennis Club

If you’ve been looking for an excellent tennis club to begin honing your skills, the Los Pinos Javea tennis club might just be ideal. Indeed, this unique tennis club is one of the oldest in the region, being founded in 1989; now, the club is managed by an ex tennis player and coach, ensuring that there’s plenty of opportunity for anyone to train.

The Los Pinos Javea tennis club has six clay courts, each of which is large, spacious, and professionally finished. This simple detail helps ensure that anyone can easily get started with tennis at the club, no matter their skills. Moreover, the stunning landscaping around the club and its tennis courts undeniably makes this unique club one of the most popular for many expats living in Moraira. From private lessons to advanced coaching and more, there’s something for everyone – so, we think it’s well worth a try if you’ve been looking to spend some more time out in the sun! And, since the Moraira weather is warm and comfortable year-round, you can also enjoy time

Beach Tennis

As an alternative option in Moraira, if you don’t feel like visiting a tennis club to learn the ropes and hone your skills, why not give beach tennis a try? A simple game of tennis on the beach may not be quite as sophisticated as you might get to enjoy from a traditional club, but that’s not to say it’s any less worthwhile an option! In fact, beach tennis can be excellent fun with friends and family, making it a genuinely valuable option to consider overall.


Scuba Diving

One of the key opportunities for many people in Moraira region is scuba diving, and seeing the stunning sights just under the surface of the crystal-blue seas. Indeed, as a coastal region, buying apartments or villas comes with many new opportunities, but the potential to make the most of the rich and diverse waters around the town are especially valuable.

There are many different opportunities for scuba diving in and around Moraira, and these may depend on the exact location in which you live. However, partnering with a scuba club could be an excellent way to begin learning the ropes of this incredible opportunity. Or, if not, you could always invest in your own scuba gear and head out into the shallow blue waters to see what’s on offer.


One of the brightest aspects of Spanish living, in many cases, has to be the regular festivals hosted by towns and regions to celebrate numerous different events. And, while there are countless opportunities to consider for fiestas after a move to Moraira, we’ve outlined just three of the biggest local fiestas that you can look forward to after making your move. Or, if you’d like to discover Moraira’s unique fiestas and opportunities more, don’t be afraid to directly ask your local real estate agents in Moraira for further assistance; they’ll likely be able to point you in the right direction!

Moors and Christians

Hosted in June each year, the Moors and Christians festival typically occurs over three days, and features three key components: the conquest, the reconquest, and the gala parade. This bright and ancient Spanish tradition is actually hundreds of years old, celebrating the end of the war between Moorish and Christian soldiers. This festival is hosted across Spain in many villages and towns, but the celebrations in Moraira are certainly a key attraction for many residents.

La Virgen de los Desamparados

Another common celebration and fiesta in Moraira is the La Virgen de los Desamparados event, taking place on the second Sunday of each May and translated as the “Our Lady of the Forsaken” festival. The main focus of the event is a large feast, and many villages and towns celebrate the event with their own fiestas as well.

La Virgen Carmen

Every year, on the sixteenth of July, coastal towns in particular celebrate the La Virgen Carmen event, which generally features a bright and vibrant parade. One of the most notable features of the La Virgen Carmen festivity, however, is that the large centerpiece statue is often taken for a boat ride around the coastline, making for a truly unique event – and one you’ll definitely want to try and catch after you move to Moraira.


If you’ve been planning on moving to Moraira and have been looking for for somewhere near to your new apartment or villa for sale, there are fortunately several different options you could consider. In terms of state education, there are several excellent options, including the Colegio Publico Cap D’Or and the CEIP Santa Maria Magdalena; meanwhile, there are also numerous private schools in the region, often costing in the region of around €10,000 per year per student. As such, if you have been looking to move to Moraira with a family, or if you’ve been planning on starting a family after your move, this could be an excellent destination to consider. What’s more, since children’s education is compulsory in Spain, you can be confident that there will be educational facilities available to support your child in their learning.


While none of us like to think of things going wrong, unfortunately, illness and injury are often a fact of life. With this in mind, it’s worth considering where local healthcare facilities are located; luckily, there are several destinations for healthcare directly within Moraira and just a few minutes outside.

For dental challenges, for example, the five-star rated Moraira Dental could be an excellent option; alternatively, there are several other healthcare options, such as a local physiotherapist, healthcare centre, clinic, and more. So, no matter what health challenges you might be facing, you can count on there being a loal professional who can help after your move to Spain. Just make sure you’ve taken any necessary steps to register for Spanish healthcare, first.


No move to Spain would be complete without at least considering the local nightclubs and bars – and, fortunately for those planning on finding a new property for sale in Moraira, there are plenty of establishments to choose from. Many of these are located along the coastline, giving them some truly stunning and excellent views out over the region’s picturesque, blue waters. Captain Andy’s Cocktail Bar and the Rumors Cocktail Bar are often among the most popular; meanwhile, for a dine-in bar and nightlife experience, the Royal Beach Club or the Xambel bar, which closes later at around 1:30AM, smight be ideal.


If you’re looking for top-quality produce, timing your weekly shop to coincide with the Friday market is highly recommended. However, this can come with higher price tags (and significantly less practicality – and so it’s always worth considering where the local supermarkets are around Moraira.

Fortunately, Moraira is home to numerous supermarkets, such as the local “Supermercado” near the coastline or the local Aldi just a little way to the north. Alternatively, the local Pepe la Sal and the SuperCOR Expres shops are also excellent, convenient options for when you need produce or ingredients in a hurry.


If you’ve been looking to move to Moraira, there’s a lot to think about – but there’s no doubt this stunning region could be an excellent place to start your search. To find out more about the current properties, apartments, and villas for sale, don’t hesitate to contact your local team of real estate agents in Moraira for further support and advice.

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